Team angelMD • September 27, 2016

angelMD is focused on connecting the right startups with the right investors. Our platform is built around startup profiles for physicians and investors to view, much as a potential employer would look over LinkedIn profiles. The power of angelMD rests in its ability to connect the two parties, startups and investors, with an unprecedented collection of digital tools.

Team angelMD is constantly looking for new ways to optimize the user experience on our platform. To assist in this endeavor we have built a series of videos to help you understand our network.

With hundreds of startups present on angelMD, our browse function is critical in finding companies that interest you personally. This brief tutorial shows you how to access this function, what fields you can use to narrow your searches, and how to find a particular startup on our network.

Stay tuned for next week’s tutorial: The Share Button.


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Image Credit: angelMD