Team angelMD • November 14, 2016

According to a survey of our network, professional networking tool LinkedIn is the most commonly used social platform among healthcare startups, beating out the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Intuitively, this makes sense. LinkedIn is a social space, populated by professionals, for startups to host a page dedicated entirely to their business. Tonally, LinkedIn is strikingly more business oriented. A LinkedIn audience is capable of creating considerable traction for your enterprise, with over 467 million users registered to the platform.


The runner up in our poll, Twitter, is also an essential tool for startups to build a following. Find out why here.

The third most popular social media site used by healthcare startups is Facebook. Facebook dominates the social media market with 1.71 Billion users, but trails LinkedIn among healthcare startups by 38.5%.

Our poll also found strong usage in YouTube, Instagram,  and Pinterest by healthcare startups.

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Image Credit: angelMD