Brad McCarty • September 8, 2017

Investing doesn’t have to be a complicated process. In fact, you can start investing in early-stage healthcare companies in about the same time it takes to go on a coffee run.

We’re an angel investment company built by doctors, for doctors, so we know the roadblocks that stand between accredited investors and the companies that they are trying to help. angelMD allows medical professionals to sort through startups by specialty, and our member review ensures that only companies with a high chance at success are recommended for investment. Our core focus is on investing in what you know, and the angelMD network has a proven track record of success.

We believe that paperwork should never stall advances in healthcare. angelMD’s innovative investment technology is aimed squarely at breaking down those barriers by simplifying the steps for both the investor and startup alike.

Rather than jumping from site to site, dealing with missing paperwork, or waiting on emails, angelMD ensures clear, concise, and compliant documentation is included right on the screen. This means that new investors can get started quicker and easier, without waiting on other parties or ever leaving their computer. The question is: are you ready to drive the future of healthcare? Join angelMD today.

Our Impact: An angelMD Case Study

vicisangelMD is currently using the platform to facilitate investment in VICIS, Inc. in its fifth round of funding. The company has developed a revolutionary football helmet known as the Zero1, which will debut to NFL and collegiate teams this year.

angelMD simplifies the investment process, allowing non-traditional investors, such as NFL players and team doctors, to join the angelMD network and invest without the fear of missing steps or documentation that are critical to the process.

“This move really elevates the game for angelMD investors. Investments which have been reviewed by physicians, scientists and business analysts are now processed by the most intuitive investing technology available,” angelMD Chief Investment Officer Jens Francis said. “Investors can now thoroughly research a company and go from review to investment without leaving angelMD and without a single piece of paper changing hands.”

If you’re interested in contributing to the funding of VICIS, you’ll join highly-respected groups of past investors including current and former NFL players ranging from Seattle Seahawks’ wide receiver Doug Baldwin to Dallas Cowboy Hall of Famer Roger Staubach.

“Fundraising is a continual challenge for any startup, especially in health and wellness,” said Dave Marver, VICIS Chief Executive Officer and co-founder. “We are excited to find a better and more efficient way to fundraise and interact with angel investors so we can accelerate development and get new helmet technology to market even faster.”

Accredited investors interested in angelMD and VICIS can see details about this offering at


Drive the future of healthcare. Join angelMD today.

Image Credit: Pixabay