Team angelMD • December 6, 2016

Here at angelMD we are continuously interested on how healthcare startups on our network are leveraging social media. According to voluntary survey data conducted among startups on the angelMD platform, most early-stage healthcare companies post to social media in the morning hours.

Intuitively, this makes sense. The morning hours encompass the majority of most companies’ workdays, allowing teams ample time to craft, deliver, and monitor content while they are still in-office. Getting a post out in the morning also means your audience will be exposed to it throughout the entiretay of the day. This is particularly useful when you have an engaged following that can keep the social conversation built around your company’s content active in the remainder of the day.

The challenge? Morning posts are easily buried by the social noise generated online throughout the day. Though morning posts can be scheduled neatly, in our experience they can lack authenticity, and are thus less able to produce organic social transactions across the channels a company performs on.

With this in mind, we recommend diligent awareness of a company’s presence on social media. Widely adopted tools such as Hootsuite are excellent for implementing your organic efforts in online marketing, and can be used to plan, optimize, and manage your social media content through its lifetime.

The trick to morning social media posts is keeping the conversation you start active and thriving throughout the day, which mandates follow-up posting and online activity in the afternoon and evening hours.

Less than half of the companies on the angelMD network post to social media in the afternoon, and just over 10% of companies are active online in the evening. With questionnaires sent out to our company network finding that most healthcare startups target investors as their #1 audience on social media, this silence on social media in time periods outside of morning hours could represent a lost opportunity for your enterprise to reach your intended audience.

A captive audience is one that can be held morning and night. Social media, whatever channel you prefer, gives your startup this power. Our team is here to help keep your company story alive and thriving. If you have not done so already, connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.



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Image Credit: Pixabay